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Commercial or Residential Plumbing Services?

Commercial or Residential Plumbing Services?

Plumbing services: Damage to pipes, sanitary services, and faucets, at home or in commercial or business establishments, does not wait, since they generally occur causing tension, since any interruption of this type of service can cause, from not being able to take a bath or even significant delays in the production of companies or commercial establishments.

Damage to pipes is more common than is believed and occurs at the least indicated moment, generating tension and bad times

And it is unthinkable that a school, a university, a shopping center, a hospital, an airport or a company, among others, providing their services with damage to their pipes, given that this prevents the normal operation of these establishments, and therefore they would be providing poor service.

Most Frequent Plumbing Services

Therefore, below we will talk about the most frequent damages in plumbing both at home and in commercial, service and business establishments:

  • Blockages: blockages occur when waste or elements go down the drain that block the normal flow of water. probably at home the clogging is somewhat more controlled, but, you are not free from having them, since children are highly attracted to throwing their toys and whatever item they have at hand down the toilet, but in the establishments of business or places where the services are given to offer assistance to a high number of personnel per day, controlling traffic jams is not an easy task
  • Bad odors: sometimes blockages do not necessarily block the passage of water, since the soap sediments, hair and other residues accumulate, generating slimy and greasy balls of waste that clog and therefore generate bad odors, which contaminate all the spaces that are served or benefit from that pipeline
  • Low water: When the water flow is reduced, it can be an indication of a fault in the pipe or in the outlet pressure.
  • Expired pipes: when the pipes reach their useful life and even, so they are not changed or replaced, they begin to suffer the normal deterioration of the passing of the years and the use or wear and tear of the same and are generally more prone to breakdowns due to its bad condition with the water pressure
  • Dirty water: Not always that the water comes out of a strange color, it is from the source. It is very common that it is due to rusty pipes that require cleaning or change, and with this you may experience changes in the color and care of your clothes or items.
  • Noises: High water pressure or some loose pipes can generate slight noises and even unbearable constant hammering, which inevitably leads to subsequent damage to the same pipe.
  • Leaks: worn gaskets the most frequent emergency, where it is necessary to change them and adjust the pipe and with this problem solved, the pipe does not leak anymore
  • Water leaks: it is common over the years to observe that the water begins to leak through the ceilings of the bathrooms, generally of buildings or properties whose ceilings are precisely at the same time the floors of another service, where the pipes do not they have been replaced and due to their poor condition they leak water through the roofs, which becomes a time bomb, since this leak can have contact with electricity, the air duct and multiple elements with which it coexists

For what is indicated here, it is advisable that it not only be about correcting or repairing the damage that is already underway causing problems, bad times and delays in services and productions, the ideal and the duty of things is to try to do preventive maintenance, which undoubtedly can be scheduled and adjusted to a specific time that does not interfere with daily life and the progress of work or services.

Also keep in mind that a preventive check will prevent costs from increasing, either at home or in a business or service establishment, since you will be performing maintenance, not repairing damage that will most likely be exacerbating your budget, due to the context and real estate repairs that were affected by the damage, an example of this, a flood renders the carpets and floors, appliances, furniture and belongings that come into contact with the water product of the flood unusable.

Therefore, if you are faced with damage and need to repair it, if you require preventive maintenance or if the need is an installation from scratch, contact experts, do not incur in artisan adjustments at the hands of unqualified personnel, who will inevitably take care of it. to rework and double expenses, so do it right from the start and put yourself in the hands of experts.


residential plumbing servcies
residential plumbing servcies
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