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Plumbing Maintenance in pipes with more than 10 years of use in buildings

Plumbing Maintenance in pipes with more than 10 years of use in buildings

Plumbing Maintenance, where the pipes serve together for a certain number of apartments, must ensure the optimal functioning of said elements, since it is understood that the responsibility is shared to the extent that it is determined that the owners They are responsible for the pipes inside their properties, but clearly in the face of a building that shares arterial pipes for water supply and drainage, certain points must be determined that make up the optimal functioning of these and the benefit of co-ownership. 

Old buildings must be subject to plumbing maintenance established by the administrators, which allows them to use and enjoy the services of water and its components as they are; the water service in the bathrooms, kitchen and other connection points and added to this the drains arranged for the proper treatment of residual water disposal, given that over time the pipes deteriorate and with this gives way to a number of annoying or if you want delicate problems inside the apartments and common areas of the co-ownership. 

Plumbing maintenance is crucial in buildings with pipes that are more than 10 years old. Over time, pipes can deteriorate and become more prone to leaks, clogs, and other issues that can impact the overall functionality of the plumbing system.

And it is that time is relentless in the treatment of water pipes, both the pipes that provide the service, as well as the connections that carry the sewage to the cisterns, for this reason it is appropriate to periodically schedule maintenance in plumbing for co-ownerships, since this will avoid circumstances such as low water pressure, since it is one of the first symptoms that appear when there is obvious wear and tear in plumbing that has not been attended to for a long time. 

Along with the low pressure in the faucets that dispense the water, you may begin to experience color changes in the liquid supplied, indicating that the pipes that provide drinking water to the co-ownership may be harboring sediment or corrosion inside. , said particulate material will obey the material in which the pipes and their connections are made, so it is essential to make the changes as soon as possible, since if the pipes are not replaced, the water would not be suitable for drinking. human or pet consumption. 

It is clear that the change in color of the water and of course the particles that can be observed as corrosion, mold, lime or any other type of sediment present in old and unmaintained pipes, will only cease to be present at the moment in which the pertinent changes are made to the pipes or the recommended Plumbing Maintenance processes are carried out for the material in which the pipes that provide the water supply in the co-ownership are manufactured. 

When does a building require a Plumbing Maintenance?

The foregoing is only one of the first indications that the building’s plumbing in general requires maintenance, added to this, it can begin to show stagnation of wastewater in the drains, as well as; sinks, wells, showers and toilets, which when immersing the waste do not show full force to optimally fulfill their function, which shows unequivocal signs that the plumbing service is urgently required. 

But the real problem begins when both the toilets, as well as the drains of the showers, wells, sinks and other connections to landfills, do not dispose of the wastewater, but instead contain it or, in the worst case scenario, return it without control and with them all the liquid and solid waste that should lead to the cisterns, which really constitutes a plumbing emergency, since a property with this type of contingency cannot be inhabited since both the bathrooms and the kitchen They are part of the essential services of homes and with them out of service, its inhabitants will clearly have to find a real solution. 

Regular maintenance can help prevent these issues from developing and keep the system functioning properly. Some maintenance tasks that should be performed on older pipes include inspections for leaks and corrosion, flushing and cleaning of pipes to remove buildup and debris, and replacement of worn or damaged components.

But what happens when the problem spreads throughout a co-ownership, leaving the aqueduct system and waste and residual water management out of service? The answer is obvious, it constitutes an emergency in collective plumbing, since the building could be disabled or uninhabited while the problem is solved, and it is to be expected since the inhabitants of the building will not be able to stay for around two or three hours. continuous, given that someone will need to use the sanitary services, and since they are out of service, they will be forced to leave their homes. 

For all of the above, the recommendation is obvious, sanitary and kitchen services are essential to such an extent that human beings require them constantly without fail, which in turn becomes elements of health and well-being, For this reason, the administrators of said co-ownerships must be careful to carry out the Plumbing Maintenance and repairs that may take place on time, but without a doubt, carrying out maintenance and prevention days, make the difference between a state of emergency where concern and restlessness , are the true hosts of adverse circumstances, and a scheduled day where all the inhabitants will be satisfied to be an active part of the preventive actions, against the proper functioning of their co-ownership. 

It’s also important to monitor water pressure and temperature, as high pressure or temperature can cause stress and damage to older pipes. Regular plumbing maintenance can help extend the lifespan of pipes and fixtures, reduce the need for costly repairs, and ensure that the plumbing system is operating efficiently and safely for the building’s occupants.

However, when carrying out this type of prevention conference against the current state of the pipes of a co-ownership, it also refers to the duty of care of the co-ownership administrators, where what is truly relevant is to leave the Plumbing Maintenance in the hands of experts, for this reason, hiring a plumbing company that supports the work of its plumbers and, added to this, certifies that said human team is not only trained to carry out plumbing work, but that they are also certified to operate as such, in the corresponding state, it is a great advantage that supports the investment, the co-ownership and the peace of mind of those who are involved in the maintenance or immediate attention. 

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