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Roofs, Leaks and The Solution

Roofs, Leaks and The Solution

If the leaks occurs in an inhabited ceiling, try to locate the leak directly in the area of the stain, this means locating the exact area above the ceiling leak by measuring inside the leak. 

Generally, when facing a leak coming from the roof, the alarms go off and we are talking about repairing or providing maintenance to the roof in general, which is within the plan to deal with a contingency and generating a prevention structure, since the roofs are one of the areas of the home or the business and industrial sector, which undoubtedly require actions that are in favor of mitigating possible adverse events derived from seasonal changes, inclement weather or natural wear of the structure  

Detecting a leak, repairing it and, in addition to doing maintenance on the roofs, is undoubtedly a job that corresponds to experienced plumbing personnel

But the reality in the face of a leak is the action aimed at finding or identifying the reason why this event is occurring, and it is that generally where the drip decant occurs, it is not necessarily the reference or initial point of the problem, for It is necessary to point it out and solve it at the root, and then proceed with the repairs that may take place and culminate with the appropriate preventive maintenance. 

It should be noted that a drop from the ceiling is not always the only warning sign of moisture or a leak in the ceiling. Events such as a change in the color and texture of its structure can be an unequivocal sign of this event, as well as bad odors or musty odors, bubbling paint, ceiling elements or accessories that collect water or a ball of insects that persists, are circumstances that require inspection, it is worth noting that what is listed here are constant aspects over time, and highly notorious, where not only the roof structure is affected, and the walls also end up permeated by the damage of a leak. 

Clearly, the events that frequently cause this type of circumstance on roofs are rain, snow, discharge from toilets, drains from showers and bathrooms in general, and any action that is carried out to the detriment of these. 

Now, detecting a leak, repairing it and, in addition to doing maintenance on the roofs, is undoubtedly a job that corresponds to experienced plumbing personnel, who, under their operating license, meet the requirements of qualified and certified personnel for performing work at heights, as required by a roof repair, is that trying to do it on your own involves: using lead-based paint to fix it to the roof, using asbestos in roof insulation or in the pipe wrap, which requires special care, come in contact with black mold in order to get it behind drywall or on insulation, noting that all of this must be done at ceiling height, since it is above this or at its level, and all this can generate a created risk derived from the repair action itself. 

It should be noted that the condensation effect is not exactly a leak, and it is that the steam from a hot shower can generate a condensation effect in the form of leaks in the ceiling, which when receiving adequate ventilation or the simple step of a cloth eliminates leaks, but there is still the need to enter to determine if said condensation is caused by poor ventilation, in bathrooms, kitchens or clothing area. 

Contacting Plumbing Services for Leaks repairing

Before contacting the plumbing service you should do a complete inspection of your house, looking for more leaks, including the walls, the facades, the gutters that collect water, detect if you have condensation, check the roof ridge and the flashing, mark everything you find in a state of damage or that in your opinion requires the attention of an expert, and in addition to this, ask the plumbing personnel to visit you, to carry out a technical inspection which includes walking on the roof for broken shingles, have him examine the roof ridge, the flashing metal step by the chimney; looking for signs of water entry points and checking all pipes and vents that extend from the roof. 

Then you will not only be able to visualize the leaks and the damage that are found on the roof, but you will also be able to make a budget for the repairs that may take place and later generate a mitigation plan that allows you to do maintenance to your ceilings preserving their useful life. 

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